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Car Exhibition - Horse Power for Men


Equitour Aalborg, 1st-5th of June, will host many fun activities for both horse people, families and children. In order not to forget about the men, we will make sure there will be something interesting to look at for them too; we will have a big car exhibition, consisting of car dealer from across the country.


The participating car dealers are:

Audi Aalborg (Official Car Partner):

Audi Aalborg will in addition to delivering shuttle cars to the event, contribute with a great Audi exhibit with some of their newest models.

Krabbe Invest:

Krabbe Invest is an interesting dealer for Snedsted, mainly selling German high-quality cars with large exuipment packages.

Absolute Cars:

Absolute Cars is a relativeley new used car dealer, owned by the Schou brothers. The two brothers are both well known in the horse riding business, as they both compete at a high level of show jumping. Already after the first year, Absolute Cars had big success, and they will show some great cars during Equitour Aalborg. 

Brdr. Hosbond:

Brdr. Hosbond is North Jutland's leading Ford dealer, with departments in different North Jutland cities, like Aalborg. Brdr. Hosbond will mainly exhibit four-wheel drive models and the new and impressive Ford Mustang.

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