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Nordic International sales: A collection of foals to be proud of

Nordic International Sales have now almost completed the selection of premium dressage foals, and there has been a huge interest in the auction from both breeders and buyers.


So far around 20 premium dressage foals have been selected for the auction Nordic International Sales sponsored by Stud EVO, which will take place during Equitour in the first weekend of June.


The selection has been made in a cooperation between Danish Warmblood auctioncommittee, Westfalen Verband in Germany and Andreas Helgstrand.

”We are extremely proud of the foals we are able to show at the auction, and at the same time impressed by the number of foals fullfilling the requirements for a future top sport horse in dressage,” Andreas Helgstrand says.

“It has been amazing how Danish and German breeders willingly have shown us their foals and granting us their trust in our capability to create an auction, where they can sell their foals at prices living up to their quality.”


For the people behind Nordic International Sales it has been of the utmost importance, that the auction is founded on a wide cooperation between Equitour, Danish Warmblood and Westfalen Verband.

”The cooperation is very important and has proved itself with a collection of foals focused on the future sporthorse without considering the association or the sire,” Andreas Helgstrand says.

Breeders in both Germany and Denmark has shown great interest in Nordic International Sales, and the same applies to the huge network of buyers around Andreas Helgstrand.

“A huge interest for the auction has arised, and I hope the auction will be very enjoyable, with foals sold at high prices,”

About the auction


Nordic International Sales sponsored by Stud EVO will take place in the evening of Saturday June 3rd during Equitour Aalborg at Helgstrand Academy. The collection of foals are sired by Asgaard’s Ibiza, Borsalino, Bossanova, Don Deluxe, Dream Boy, Floriscount, Franklin, Franziskus, Revolution, Sir Heinrich, Totilas, Vincent Maranello and Vitalis.

The foals can soon be previewed at  www.nordicinternationalsales.dk/


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