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Police Notice for Horse Transportation

Transportation of horses to Aalborg / Equitour Aalborg

As the Danish police is making random controls of the horse transport to our show, we have made a check list to bear in mind.

Regardless of the purpose of horse transport you must ALWAYS bring along:

  • Original registration papers of all horses in the transport
  • Registration papers of the vehicles

The Danish authorities always consider participation in FEI international horse shows as “economic business” – there fore the rules for “economic business” have to be followed, regardless you are only transporting your own horses. However the participation in youth classes with minor price money is not considered “economic business” when you have a private owned horse and car. If the horse and/or the car is owned by a company, it is considered “economic business” even though you are using it for your hobby.

For transports in “economic business” you must also bring along:

  • Transportation document (information about owner, departure (time/place), destination and expected duration)
  • Approval certificate of the vehicle for animal transportation (can be required in Technical Inspection Center, valid for 5 years) – only for international long transports (more than 8 hours)
  • There must be appropriate straw/shavings in the trailer/horse box

For transport over a distance exceeding 65 km always bring along:

  • Competence certificate (for the driver and/or groom – only the people handling the horses)
  • Authorisation for transporting horses (company/private person) issued by the official authorities (valid for 5 years)

For all transportation starting in another country than Denmark you should bring along a health certificate from your official veterinarian (TRACES document).

Rules regarding driving/rest periods apply for “business” for cars/trucks with an allowed maximum weight over 3500 kg, and for “non-business” for cars/trucks with an allowed maximum weight over 7500 kg.

If you transport other peoples animals against payment it is considered professional transport and requires haulier license, if the total vehicle weight exceeds 3500 kg.

All offences to the EU-regulations for transportation and horse passports are fined with up to EUR 1.000 per offence. 

We hope to have helped you with this check list and look forward to seeing you in Aalborg !

Equitour Aalborg

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