Germany claimed victory in the FEI Nations Cup at Equitour

A challenging course put the riders under pressure in the Titan Containers A/S FEI Nations Cup, but an experienced German team with a talented debutant secured the victory at Equitour Aalborg.

The sun is literally roasting the beautiful showgrounds in Uggerhalne, Denmark setting the stage for Equitour Aalborg sponsored by ECCO and the Titan Containers A / S FEI Nations Cup CSIO3 * where the thrill was maintained through both rounds.

Riders from 13 nations (RSA, SWE, DEN, NED, GBR, BEL, FIN, NOR, ITA, GER, POL, FRA and IRL) met in the trilling and hair-raising FEI Nations Cup where the course proved to be very challenging for all teams. The German team consisted of three experienced riders and the Nations Cup debutant, Gerrit Nieberg riding Contagio. He proved himself with two spectacular clear rounds which was instrumental in ensuring German victory. Gilbert Böckmann / Pikeur Lord Fauntleroy (12-4), Thomas Kleis / Chades of Blue (0-8) and Lars Nieberg / Foster (8) achieved a total of 20 penalties.

"It was our goal to do well in the Nations Cup and now we have won, so I'm of course pleased," said German Chef d'Equipe Heinrich-Hermann Engemann. He noticed that it is not usual to win a Nations Cup with 20 penalties.

It was a good, but difficult course the Danish course designer Bo Bak Andersen had built in today's Nations Cup.  "It's a very nice facility here, and with some minor adjustments it can be very good," stressed the experienced German.

The home team chopped

The Danish team won the FEI Nations Cup at Equitour Aalborg last year, but the Danes were unfortunately not successful this year on home turf. As the first round evolved for the Danish crew it turned out that the last rider of the class, Irish Richaard Howley decided the Danes' further fate. Had he gotten 8 penalties Denmark would be among the eight best nations going in to second round. Unfortunately for the Danes, Howley just got four faults and it sent Ireland in the second round while the Danes could turn the horses back in the stable. On Sunday 50 riders will meet in the Stutteri Ask Grand Prix at Equitour Aalborg.

Daniel Bachmann supreme winner of the Grand Prix

A very consistingly performing Swedish team placed themselves in the lead after the CDIO4* Grand Prix presented by Almased on the first competition day of the Blue Hors FEI Nations Cup at Equitour Aalborg in Uggerhalne.

The four Swedish riders placed 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th individually in the Grand Prix presented by Almased which provisionally put them in the lead of the CDIO4* Blue Hors FEI Nations Cup with a total of 215.695 ahead of the Dutch team on second place with 209.675 and Denmark in third place having scored 209.543 points.

The Swedish team, presented by team coach Bo Jenå, consists of the four female riders Therese Nilshagen, Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, Paulinda Friberg and Jeanna Högberg. Best individual Swedish result was achieved by Therese Nilshagen aboard the breeding stallion Dante Weltino Old with a score of 73.087%. Today’s supreme individual winner of the Grand Prix presented by Almased was Danish Daniel Bachmann Andersen aboard the 10-year-old Blue Hors Zepter with a swopping score of 76.217% which is a personal score for the rider on this young horse which is by Daniel’s World Cup finalist, Blue Hors Zack.

Tomorrow Sunday the Blue Hors FEI Nations Cup will continue with the CDIO4* Grand Prix Special at 1:30 pm local time.

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