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Nations Cup overview

The focal point for Equitour Aalborg is the Nations Cup in dressage and show jumping, but it can be difficult to remember, which countries won the Equitour leg of the prestigious FEI Nations Cup tournament. Below you will find a list of results from previous years.



It was for sure a strong Danish team, which took the lead in Nations Cup dressage. The team consisted of Daniel Bachmann Andersen/Blue Hors Don Olymbrio, Agnete Kirk Thinggard/JoJo AZ, Cathrine Dufour/Bohemian and Carina Cassøe Krüth/May-Day Graftebjerg.

The result of the 2019 FEI Nations Cup dressage:

1. Danmark
2. Sverige
3. Tyskland

Show jumping

It was a very exciting duel between Ireland and Poland, but at the end Ireland took the lead with a strong team consiting of Jenny Rankin/Bennys Lagacy, Aidan Killeen/Fair Play, Susan Fitzpatrick/Fellow Castlefield and Gerard O'Neill/Castlefields Vegas.

The result of the 2019 FEI Nations Cup show jumping:

1. Irland
2. Polen
3. Norge



At the 2018 Equitour Aalborg, the Swedish team consisting of Paulinda Friberg/Di Lapponia T, Jeanna Hogberg/Duendecillo P, Theresa Nilshagen/Dante Weltino OLD and Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén/Paridon Magi performed superbly and took the lead after Saturday's Grand Prix. Although the Danish team tried to get in the lead of the Grand Prix Special and the Freestyle, the power of the Swedish team was to strong and they ended up winning gold strongly followed by the Danish team. After the first round, the Danish team placed third, but in the final tests they advanced to a silver medal.

The result of the 2018 FEI Nations Cup dressage:

1. Sverige: 432.418

2. Denmark: 429.0033

3. The Netherlands: 424.377

4. Finland: 405.134

Show jumping

The German show jumping team consisted of three very experienced riders and a Nations Cup debutant, Gerrit Nieberg with Contagio. But although he hasn't participated before, Gerrit secured his team two clear rounds, which was very important in order to have the chance of winning the Nations Cup. The rest of the team included Gilbert Böckmann/Pikeur Lord Fauntleroy (12-4), Thomas Kleis/Chades of Blue (0-8) and Lars Nieberg/Foster (8). Overall, the German team ended up with 20 faults, which may sound like a lot, but did secure the German team a gold medal in the Nations Cup at the 2018 Equitour Aalborg.

The result of the 2018 FEI Nations Cup show jumping: 

1. Germany 8-12: 20 

2. England 12-12: 24 

3. Belgium 20-8: 28 

3. Ireland 20-8: 28 

5. Sweden 18-12: 30

6. Italy 16-16: 32 

7. France 12-24: 36 

8. Poland 16-28: 44



The 2017 Equitour Aalborg was indeed a fantastic year seen from the Danish point of view as the Danish team won both in dressage and show jumping. 

Already after the Grand Prix, the Danish team consisting of Anna Kasprzak/Donnperignon, Agnete Kirk Thinggaard/Jojo AZ, Daniel Bachmann Andersen/Blue Hors Zack and Charlotte Heering/Bufranco took the lead as Anna, Agnete and Daniel individually placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

No. 1: Anna Kasprzak and Donnperignon – 74.720%

No. 2: Agnete Kirk Thingaard and Jojo AZ – 72.660%

No. 3: Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Blue Hors Zack – 72.060%

The Danish team managed to keep their position after Anna and Donnperignon scored impressive 77.3% in the freestyle strongly followed by Daniel and Zack with 75.55%.

The result of the 2017 FEI Nations Cup dressage:

1. Denmark: 439.406 

2. Finland: 414.494

3. The Netherlands: 413.897

4. USA: 410.220

Show jumping

At the 2017 Equitour Aalborg, it was not only the Danish dressage team who won gold - the Danish show jumping team claimed gold too. The show jumping team consisted of Thomas Sandgaard/Amarone, Lars Bak Andersen/Carrasco, Thomas Velin/Chopin van het Moleneind and Søren Møller Rohde/Velerne Ask. In the first round the Danish team had 8 faults, but in the secound round they managed to avoid increasing the number of faults and thus winning gold having four clear rounds.

The result of the 2017 FEI Nations Cup show jumping

1. Denmark: 8 faults 

2. France: 12 faults 

3. Sweden: 12 faults

4. Belgium: 16 faults

5. England: 20 faults.

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