DENMARK wins the Longines EEF Series Nations Cup in Uggerhalne

Picture: Winning team, Denmark (From left, Andreas Schou, Emil Hallundbæk, Bo K. Møller, Zascha Nygaard Andreasen and Konstantin Deeken Künnemann. 

The second round of the nations cup was incredibly exciting as it looked like Belgium would take the win, if only the last rider, Constant van Paesschen made a clear round. However, with a super round, he ended with the last fence down, and a jump-off was on between Denmark, Belgium and Great Britain! 

Great Britain took off with an incredibly fast clear round, however Zascha Nygaard Andreasen managed to beat the time with approximately 2 seconds and this result was Thibeau Spits not able to beat and Denmark was announced the winner of the Nations Cup! 

On the Danish Team was 

Zascha Nygaard Andreasen

Konstantin Deeken Künnemann

Andreas Schou

Emil Hallundbæk


The second place was Belgium:

Thibeau Spits

Constant van Paesschen

Emilie Conter

Arnaud Doem


The third place went to Great Britain: 

Amy Inglis

Joseph Stockdale

Jackson Reed Stephenson

Lily Attwood


Congratulations to all riders and nations! 

Watch the full result list here!


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