H.R.H. Princess Benedict is a protector of several organizations, including the Danish Equestrian Federation, Danish Warmblood and Hestens Værn. In this connection, we can once again happily welcome Her Royal Highness to Equitour Denmark during the Danish Dressage Championships. We are humbled and proud of her support for the sport that we all cherish. Despite a different event as a result of COVID-19, we look forward to welcoming the Princess and to another Danish Championship here at Helgstrand.

As a result of prolonged restrictions related to COVID-19 and EHV-1 respectively, we are unfortunately forced to face the aggravating truth, that Equitour 2021 cannot be held in the format that we wished and hoped for.

Last year, we were also challenged with restrictions, and yet again we must face that the current restrictions do not allow us to establish an international event alongside the Danish Championships with reasonable safety and quality for both horses and riders. Together with EEF and Danish Equestrian Federation we have therefore decided, that the CSIO3* will be postponed and hosted on June 10th – 13th. This decision was made with the hope for facilitation in terms of quarantine rules and travelling restrictions in order to go through with this event.

 However, we proceed our planning of the national show and the Danish Dressage Championships as normally - this will be held May 21st- 23rd 2021. Due to the continuous restrictions related to COVID-19, this show will unfortunately be held without the possibility to invite any spectators.

“It is a real shame, that we aren’t able to complete the Equitour Event in 2021 as planned, however it is highly prioritized that we can ensure safety for both horses and riders. Based on the current restrictions  we have made the difficult decision to divide the show, which hopefully means that we are able to welcome both dressage and jumping  in Uggerhalne in 2021. We hope that the terrible virus situation soon subsides, and we can return even stronger in 2022 with a festive and exciting Equitour,” says Martin Thorbøll Pedersen, Head of Events and Partnerships.

 We look forward to a normalized world situation, hopefully soon, and cannot wait to welcome you back at our facilities in Denmark. Until then, we hope for everyone to stay safe and be careful with the virus for both humans and horses.

 In case of any questions, please direct them to:

 Martin Thorbøll Pedersen
Head of Events and Partnerships

M: +45 22 89 31 45
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Første afdeling af DRF mesterskabet for U25 er afviklet, og vinderen af klassen blev de nykårede Europamestre for U25, Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen og den 15 årige vallak Foco Loco-W med 75,605%. 

Nummer to blev Victoria E. Vallentin og den 12 årig hingst hingst Brooklyn med 73,698%


Nedenfor ses på billedet ses Anne-Mette og Foco Loco:

Information about Equitour Denmark and COVID-19

In the light of the big challenges regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to move the Equitour Denmark event – originally planned for the 20th – 24th of May.

The big puzzle with a new adapted event calender is not finally settled at this point. This means, that we are not able to set a new event date yet. We have requested the dates 3rd – 6th of September, and we hope that we will be able to go through with Equitour Denmark on these dates.

In connection with the changed dates of the event, we hope that you will all participate in a great show. Together we can celebrate, that we have the opportunity to be gathered around the sport, that we all love.

You will receive further details regarding the event as soon as we have clarification on the new dates.

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