Danish Dressage Championships from 21-23 May 2021
Longines EEF Series Denmark from 10-13 June 2021

During the last couple of weeks, rhinopneumonia (also known as equine herpes virus) outbreaks have been identified in Denmark and abroad. The organisers behind Equitour Aalborg have been following the development carefully and in consultation with professionals it has been decided to carry out the international event in Uggerhalne as planned on 23-27 May. This is on the condition that the situation has been stabilised and no further large breakouts occur in Denmark.

– We are taking the situation very seriously. We have been consulting professionals and relevant veterinarians both nationally and internationally. After thorough consideration, we have therefore decided to carry out the event as planned, tells Jens Trabjerg from Equitour Aalborg. The event will take place at the impressive show ground at Helgstrand Academy with the international sales and training centre and stallion station Helgstrand Dressage as its closest neighbour. In the beginning of May, Helgstrand Dressage chose to take its precautions and limit the access to the entire area.

– It is important to understand that at Helgstrand Dressage and Helgstrand Academy we have not seen any signs of the virus. We are not willing to take a risk and that is why we have chosen to take these precautions to protect our horses, says Andreas Helgstrand.

More precautions

The organisers have started implementing more precautions which means that the event will be held under the same conditions and with the known risks related to housing horses from different environments.

– We follow the recommendations from national and international veterinarians and this means that all participants need to sign a sworn statement confirming that their horses have not had the fever the last ten days before arrival to the showgrounds. Furthermore, the entire stable as well as the temporary show stable will be washed down with a special disinfection product that will kill any virus that may be present, Jens Trabjerg concludes.

What we know about rhinopneumonia

Rhinopneumonia is a disease which has existed for many years both in a form called type 1 and a form called type 4. Most horses have the virus in their body and in certain cases virus can be re-activated and make the horse excrete infection or become ill. Therefore, rhinopneumonia cannot be eliminated and from time to time, individual horses will become spontaneously ill from the virus. Rhinopneumonia 1 causes fever, respiratory disorders, paralysis and sometimes abortion among pregnant mares. The illness usually starts as a respiratory disorder with fever and coughing. After approximately two weeks, paralysis might befall. Rhinopneumonia 1 primarily transmits as a droplet infection from the respiratory passages both through direct contact between horses and by indirect contact via clothing, shoes, trailer, food and horse tack etc. Infection can occur through other body fluids as well.

Once again, Equitour Aalborg sponsored by ECCO will be hosting FEI Nations Cup in both dressage and show jumping in combination with exciting auctions, stallion show and much more.

You will certainly have the possibility to be entertained in North Jutland when the international show Equitour Aalborg sponsored by ECCO will be held in Uggerhalne on 23-27 May. Youth meets experience in international competitions in both dressage and show jumping at the impressive competition venue at Helgstrand Academy.

The organisers are Olympic rider Andreas Helgstrand and the experienced event organiser Jens Trabjerg who has organised international shows on Danish soil since the late 90's at different locations.

FEI Nations Cup in show jumping as well as dressage will be the highlight of the international competitions. Last year, the Danes were triumphant in the Nations Cup with victories in both show jumping and dressage which was obviously very popular with the home crowd.

Auctions of foals and cars

Do you have a big passion for fast and special cars? Then you should visit Campen Auktion’s exclusive special auction, held during Equitour Aalborg on Friday 25 May.

The Nordic International Sales is a foal auction which was a great success last year, and the prices reflected the exclusive collection of dressage foals which was created in a collaboration between Equitour and Danish Warmblood. The winning bid placed on the filly foal Faretti by Franklin/Don Frederico (bred by HH Horses) reached nothing less than 150,000 euros.

Helgstrand Dressage stallion show

On Sunday 27 May, the Helgstrand Dressage stallion station will present some of their outstanding breeding stallions under rider. In a matter of only 10 years, Andreas Helgstrand has cemented his name as owner of one of Europe's most significant and influential stallion stations, standing stallions that are used by breeders all over the world. Besides distributing their semen internationally, the stallions are also trained to compete in dressage and several of them have achieved impressive results in young horse championships and some are close to a breakthrough on the international dressage scene.

Almased Dressage Amateurs

Almased Dressage Amateurs is a new international dressage tournament for amateurs organised by Helgstrand & Trabjerg and presented by Almased Wellness.

The schedules for both dressage and jumping are now approved and have been announced at FEI Calender.

Remember to enter before definite entries, which is on May 1st 2018.

We look very much forward to see as many as you as possible at our show in Uggerhalne, and to conduct another successful show for all the participating riders!

More information and links to the schedules are found here

It's has been 5 amazing days of world class dressage and jumping. A huge folk festival with lots of activities for the whole family. It has been a pleasure to be at the showground and feel the amazing atmosphere that has been throughout the entire competition.

Equitour Aalborg would like to thank all riders, sponsors, volunteers, judges, audiences, exhibitors - all who have been taking part and allowed us to build-up such an amazing event. There have been a lot of great results throughout the competition, and especially the Danish riders have made sure that the Danish flag has come to the top a number of times.

We have already started planning next year's Equitour Aalborg, which will take place from 23rd to 27th of May 2018. Also, next year Equitour Aalborg will offer much more than world class riding, there will also be exciting activities and events that will gather the whole family. So be sure to follow this website or keep an eye on our Facebook page when we post news.

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Aalborg We are already looking forward to next year's Equitour Aalborg!

Equitour Aalborg 2018: May 23-27 2018 – make sure to save the date already now.

Ten years ago the Danish jumping team won an FEI Nations Cup home win – and the Danish team is dreaming of an encore, but the competition is fierce this weekend in Uggerhalne.


6 of 11 nations in the draw for Saturdays FEI Nations Cup jumping leg in Uggerhalne are from Europe Division 2 and competing for points, with the teams from Belgium and Great Britain being the favorites to win in Denmark and also take the two spots at the FEI Nations Cup final in Barcelona come fall.

Both Great Britain and Belgium missed their spot when the 1 division was reduced from 10 to 8 teams before this season, and Belgium seems determined to get back, and has been the best placed 2nd division team in the first three legs of this season with two 2nd places and a clear win last weekend in Lisbon.

The calendar is making the current season a challenge for the smaller nations. Five of this seasons seven FEI Nations Cup legs are geographically wide spread and held during only six weeks´.

“With 4 or 5 good combinations it is impossible to travel across Europe in six weeks,” says Danish headcoach, Lars N. Pedersen, but he is still very happy with the FEI Nations Cup events.

“The eligibility of the Nations Cup is unquestionable because each leg presents great opportunities for developing young horses and new combinations, as well as being an important part of championship-preparations,” Lars N. Pedersen says.

In the end, the headcoach is very exited about the FEI Nations Cup leg on hometurf at Equitour Aalborg.

“We have selected the best combinations currently available, and we will do our best to make a good impression and a good result in front of the homecrowd.”

”The dream-scenario is of course to take a home win. All horses can go clear rounds on this level, so we cross our fingers and with a little luck, hopefully all horses will go clear for the team.”  


Riders looking forward

German based danish rider, Lars Bak Andersen, grew up in the northern region of Denmark, where Equitour Aalborg is taking place. He was one of the riders taking the home win 10 years ago in Copenhagen, and he is really looking forward to do his first FEI Nations Cup this season going as the first Danish rider.

“It is a blast each time you ride in a team. Riders team up and support each other in a good way, because it is something very special to fight for Denmark, and we will for sure do all we can to make a good result,” Lars Bak Andersen says.

The FEI Nations Cup in Uggerhalne presents the first rider at 15:30 and if you’re unable to be in Uggerhalne, you can watch it live on FEI TV.


  1. France
  2. Sweden
  3. Denmark
  4. Italy
  5. Belgium
  6. Netherlands
  7. Finland
  8. Ireland
  9. Great Britain
  10. Germany
  11. Norway

Transportation of horses to Aalborg / Equitour Aalborg

As the Danish police is making random controls of the horse transport to our show, we have made a check list to bear in mind.

Regardless of the purpose of horse transport you must ALWAYS bring along:

  • Original registration papers of all horses in the transport
  • Registration papers of the vehicles

The Danish authorities always consider participation in FEI international horse shows as “economic business” – there fore the rules for “economic business” have to be followed, regardless you are only transporting your own horses. However the participation in youth classes with minor price money is not considered “economic business” when you have a private owned horse and car. If the horse and/or the car is owned by a company, it is considered “economic business” even though you are using it for your hobby.

For transports in “economic business” you must also bring along:

  • Transportation document (information about owner, departure (time/place), destination and expected duration)
  • Approval certificate of the vehicle for animal transportation (can be required in Technical Inspection Center, valid for 5 years) – only for international long transports (more than 8 hours)
  • There must be appropriate straw/shavings in the trailer/horse box

For transport over a distance exceeding 65 km always bring along:

  • Competence certificate (for the driver and/or groom – only the people handling the horses)
  • Authorisation for transporting horses (company/private person) issued by the official authorities (valid for 5 years)

For all transportation starting in another country than Denmark you should bring along a health certificate from your official veterinarian (TRACES document).

Rules regarding driving/rest periods apply for “business” for cars/trucks with an allowed maximum weight over 3500 kg, and for “non-business” for cars/trucks with an allowed maximum weight over 7500 kg.

If you transport other peoples animals against payment it is considered professional transport and requires haulier license, if the total vehicle weight exceeds 3500 kg.

All offences to the EU-regulations for transportation and horse passports are fined with up to EUR 1.000 per offence. 

We hope to have helped you with this check list and look forward to seeing you in Aalborg !

Equitour Aalborg

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