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Since Equitour Aalborg took place for the first time in 2017, the show has developed to become one of the biggest equestrian events in Denmark. And with the aim to make it even bigger, the Equitour team has put an effort to improve the show year after year. Last year Equitour even managed to get the Danish Dressage Championships to Uggerhalne after many years at Broholm, and now it’s time for another quantum leap as she two shows; Equitour Aalborg and Equitour DM will merge to become only one show in 2020.

- We must constantly rethink our concept to meet the requirements of our riders, spectators, exhibitors and sponsors, and this sometimes entails some major changes, that this time is reflected by the merging of the two shows. The shows have many common denominators, which is why we also think it makes sense to put them together and create a phenomenal show with world class dressage and show jumping alongside exciting side events, a large exhibition area and an even better selection of catering, says show organiser Jens Trabjerg.

The event will be named Equitour Denmark and will kick off in week 21 with full program from Wednesday, May 20 until Sunday, May 24, 2020. Here you will experience some of the biggest equestrian events - from the Danish Championships for senior, U25 and para through international youth dressage, the Nations Cup in dressage for pony, junior and young rider to Nations Cup in show jumping. And of course you will also experience the Nordic International Sales foal auction and several new and exciting side events.

We will continuously update our website in order to inform you about the show.

Her på siden finder du en oversigt over hvilke sponsorer der har givet ærespræmier til Equitour Denmark 2020.







Are you into large-scale rock comedy that mixes well-known music tracks, insane whims, questionable rapping and dry humor? Then you must experience THE POWLS! THE POWLS are a tribute to the imperfect, the insane, the quirky - they sneak under the skin of everyone and fire up a colorful party. They are the prototype of real peasant practice, but they should not be mistaken. With stage key, completed props and their signature looks, they take the stage and provide an experience for life.

It is therefore with great pleasure that this year, Equitour Aalborg can present THE POWLS: Friday, May 24, 2019 at. 19:00
Before that, we invite you to a festive common barbecue dinner, where the restaurant Musikkens Spisehus from Aalborg serves barbecue chicken ad libitum! Eat everything you can of the crispy North Jutland chicks on spears - and we guarantee a great atmosphere when THE POWLS takes the stage.

You get all this for just 200, - pr. person incl. one beer and entrance. 

Can we tempt with Gin Festival?

Do you love gin? Whatever it tastes like? Or do you prefer the taste of thyme, pear or maybe
blackcurrant? And would you like to know what tonic you should choose to highlight your favorite taste? In no less than six lounge bars, some of Denmark's most skilled gin experts will guide you through at least 70 premium gins and 12 different tonic waters Friday from 17 to 19.00.
If you buy a ticket for the Gin Festival, you have free access to the whole show ground throughout the Friday.

The total price for common dining, THE POWLS and ginsmagning is 400, - per. person
- dare you say no?


The focal point for Equitour Aalborg is the Nations Cup in dressage and show jumping, but it can be difficult to remember, which countries won the Equitour leg of the prestigious FEI Nations Cup tournament. Below you will find a list of results from previous years.



It was for sure a strong Danish team, which took the lead in Nations Cup dressage. The team consisted of Daniel Bachmann Andersen/Blue Hors Don Olymbrio, Agnete Kirk Thinggard/JoJo AZ, Cathrine Dufour/Bohemian and Carina Cassøe Krüth/May-Day Graftebjerg.

The result of the 2019 FEI Nations Cup dressage:

1. Danmark
2. Sverige
3. Tyskland

Show jumping

It was a very exciting duel between Ireland and Poland, but at the end Ireland took the lead with a strong team consiting of Jenny Rankin/Bennys Lagacy, Aidan Killeen/Fair Play, Susan Fitzpatrick/Fellow Castlefield and Gerard O'Neill/Castlefields Vegas.

The result of the 2019 FEI Nations Cup show jumping:

1. Irland
2. Polen
3. Norge



At the 2018 Equitour Aalborg, the Swedish team consisting of Paulinda Friberg/Di Lapponia T, Jeanna Hogberg/Duendecillo P, Theresa Nilshagen/Dante Weltino OLD and Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén/Paridon Magi performed superbly and took the lead after Saturday's Grand Prix. Although the Danish team tried to get in the lead of the Grand Prix Special and the Freestyle, the power of the Swedish team was to strong and they ended up winning gold strongly followed by the Danish team. After the first round, the Danish team placed third, but in the final tests they advanced to a silver medal.

The result of the 2018 FEI Nations Cup dressage:

1. Sverige: 432.418

2. Denmark: 429.0033

3. The Netherlands: 424.377

4. Finland: 405.134

Show jumping

The German show jumping team consisted of three very experienced riders and a Nations Cup debutant, Gerrit Nieberg with Contagio. But although he hasn't participated before, Gerrit secured his team two clear rounds, which was very important in order to have the chance of winning the Nations Cup. The rest of the team included Gilbert Böckmann/Pikeur Lord Fauntleroy (12-4), Thomas Kleis/Chades of Blue (0-8) and Lars Nieberg/Foster (8). Overall, the German team ended up with 20 faults, which may sound like a lot, but did secure the German team a gold medal in the Nations Cup at the 2018 Equitour Aalborg.

The result of the 2018 FEI Nations Cup show jumping: 

1. Germany 8-12: 20 

2. England 12-12: 24 

3. Belgium 20-8: 28 

3. Ireland 20-8: 28 

5. Sweden 18-12: 30

6. Italy 16-16: 32 

7. France 12-24: 36 

8. Poland 16-28: 44



The 2017 Equitour Aalborg was indeed a fantastic year seen from the Danish point of view as the Danish team won both in dressage and show jumping. 

Already after the Grand Prix, the Danish team consisting of Anna Kasprzak/Donnperignon, Agnete Kirk Thinggaard/Jojo AZ, Daniel Bachmann Andersen/Blue Hors Zack and Charlotte Heering/Bufranco took the lead as Anna, Agnete and Daniel individually placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

No. 1: Anna Kasprzak and Donnperignon – 74.720%

No. 2: Agnete Kirk Thingaard and Jojo AZ – 72.660%

No. 3: Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Blue Hors Zack – 72.060%

The Danish team managed to keep their position after Anna and Donnperignon scored impressive 77.3% in the freestyle strongly followed by Daniel and Zack with 75.55%.

The result of the 2017 FEI Nations Cup dressage:

1. Denmark: 439.406 

2. Finland: 414.494

3. The Netherlands: 413.897

4. USA: 410.220

Show jumping

At the 2017 Equitour Aalborg, it was not only the Danish dressage team who won gold - the Danish show jumping team claimed gold too. The show jumping team consisted of Thomas Sandgaard/Amarone, Lars Bak Andersen/Carrasco, Thomas Velin/Chopin van het Moleneind and Søren Møller Rohde/Velerne Ask. In the first round the Danish team had 8 faults, but in the secound round they managed to avoid increasing the number of faults and thus winning gold having four clear rounds.

The result of the 2017 FEI Nations Cup show jumping

1. Denmark: 8 faults 

2. France: 12 faults 

3. Sweden: 12 faults

4. Belgium: 16 faults

5. England: 20 faults.

Sweden claimed the victory in the CDIO4* Blue Hors FEI Nations Cup and stays in the lead of the tournament, whilst Daniel Bachmann Andersen of Denmark produced yet another strong ride today in the CDIO4* Grand Prix Special presented by Gorrissen Federspiel which secured him the individual win with more than 78%.

The dressage stadion in Uggerhalne oozed of excitement and expectations during the CDIO4* Grand Prix Special in the Blue Hors Nations Cup at Equitour Aalborg this afternoon. The Swedish team had taken the lead in Saturday’s Grand Prix, and they proved to be inconvincible today in the Grand Prix Special which also means that they are still in the lead of the tournament.

– It means a lot for Sweden to win the Nations Cup today here in Uggerhalne. Another Swedish team won in Compiegne which means that Sweden is in the lead of the tournament, and we are striving to win the all over cup like we did last year. We look very much forward to competing in Rotterdam with yet another strong team, Swedish team coach Bo Jenå told after the prize giving ceremony.

The Danish team which placed third after the Grand Prix advanced to runner-up position today after three strong rides. Yet again, Danish rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen claimed a supreme victory aboard the 10-year-old Blue Hors Zepter. Despite 11 one- tempis on the centre line instead of 9 the pair scored a whopping 78.218%.

– For me riding Zepter has become art. He is so soft and reacts to my aids in a split second which gives me fantastic feeling. The best of it, is that we can achieve even more points once I can succeed in riding a faultless test on him. I will choose his sire Blue Hors Zack over Zepter for the bigger events this year, but I believe that Zepter will be my future horse for the big international championships, said Daniel Bachmann Andersen, individual winner of the Grand Prix Special.

CDIO4* Nations Cup – Team Classification at Equitour Aalborg:

1st: Sweden: 432.418
2nd: Denmark: 429.0033
3rd: Netherlands: 424.377
4th: Finland: 405.134

Swedish team coach Bo Jenå with the winning team.

Stutteri Ask Grand Prix presented by Mustang-Trailers A/S

1 Rolf-Göran Bengtsson/Crunch/SWE: 0,00 39,00
2 Kasper H Hansen/Jemousin van den Dael/DEN: 0,00 39,20
3 Krzysztof Ludwiczak/Nordwind/POL: 0,00 39,50

Olympic rider got in the way for a Danish win

27-year old Danish rider Kasper H. Hansen was 0.2 seconds from being victorious in the Stutteri Ask Grand Prix at Equitour Aalborg but then an Olympic silver medallist came in his way.

The home crowd cheered on the 11 Danish riders in the crucial and biggest class Stutteri Ask Grand Prix at Equitour Aalborg with 50 competitors. Three Danish riders qualified for the jump-off, and when Kasper H. Hansen produced a very fast and solid round aboard Jemousin van den Dael, placing them ahead of the competitors, he also made it possible for the home crowd to experience an exciting end to five fantastic days of competition in Uggerhalne.

For a long while, it seemed that Kasper could keep his first place, but then one of the fastest riders in the world made his entry on the course: Olympic silver medal winner Rolf-Göran Bengtsson aboard the breeding stallion Crunch. Rolf did what he is so brilliant at; he rode at a high speed in perfect balance and passed the finishing line 0.2 seconds faster than the young Dane.

Danish rider Kasper H. Hansen.

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