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Nordic International Sales have now almost completed the selection of premium dressage foals, and there has been a huge interest in the auction from both breeders and buyers.


So far around 20 premium dressage foals have been selected for the auction Nordic International Sales sponsored by Stud EVO, which will take place during Equitour in the first weekend of June.


The selection has been made in a cooperation between Danish Warmblood auctioncommittee, Westfalen Verband in Germany and Andreas Helgstrand.

”We are extremely proud of the foals we are able to show at the auction, and at the same time impressed by the number of foals fullfilling the requirements for a future top sport horse in dressage,” Andreas Helgstrand says.

“It has been amazing how Danish and German breeders willingly have shown us their foals and granting us their trust in our capability to create an auction, where they can sell their foals at prices living up to their quality.”


For the people behind Nordic International Sales it has been of the utmost importance, that the auction is founded on a wide cooperation between Equitour, Danish Warmblood and Westfalen Verband.

”The cooperation is very important and has proved itself with a collection of foals focused on the future sporthorse without considering the association or the sire,” Andreas Helgstrand says.

Breeders in both Germany and Denmark has shown great interest in Nordic International Sales, and the same applies to the huge network of buyers around Andreas Helgstrand.

“A huge interest for the auction has arised, and I hope the auction will be very enjoyable, with foals sold at high prices,”

About the auction


Nordic International Sales sponsored by Stud EVO will take place in the evening of Saturday June 3rd during Equitour Aalborg at Helgstrand Academy. The collection of foals are sired by Asgaard’s Ibiza, Borsalino, Bossanova, Don Deluxe, Dream Boy, Floriscount, Franklin, Franziskus, Revolution, Sir Heinrich, Totilas, Vincent Maranello and Vitalis.

The foals can soon be previewed at  www.nordicinternationalsales.dk/


Exceptional foals is guaranteed at the new early summer dressage foal auction Nordic International Sales during Equitour Aalborg.


When international top riders, horse owners, international buyers and specially invited potential buyers are seated, bid card in hand, at the Nordic International Sales sponsored by Stutteri EVO on Saturday evening June 3, quality is decisive

The auction is held during the new international show in Denmark with Nations Cup in both dressage and show jumping. Equitour Aalborg and Helgstrand Dressage has joined forces with Danish Warmblood and Westfalen, so breeders in both federations have the opportunity to sell dressage foals of extraordinary quality to buyers from around the world, but the aim is to present an exceptional collection of foals covering a wider range of breeding federations.

“International dressage riders at the level we’ll be seeing during Equitour are always looking for their next dressage star and quality is of course decisive,” explains Equitour event director Jens Trabjerg and continues:

“Pedigree must of course be well documented, but if there are breeders with promising dressage foals out there, the breed is no hindrance for the foal to be entered into the collection at the Nordic International Sales.”


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Info for editors

Nordic International Sales sponsored by Stutteri EVO are for dressage foals of high international standards with documented pedigree. The auction is held Saturday evening June 3 during Equitour Aalborg. Around 20 dressage foals are chosen for the auction collection. Before the auction itself, the foals are presented at the show grounds.

Nordic International Sales is part of Equitour Aalborg which is being held for the very first time from 1st - 5th June 2017, and will be hosting one of the FEI Nations Cup legs in both dressage and jumping.

The organizers wants to host a fantastic horse show and make it the most attractive horse show in the North so far. Some of the best combinations in both jumping and dressage will attend. Andreas Helgstrand and Jens Trabjerg, who are the organizers behind the show, have a clear vision: to make Equitour Aalborg one of the most attractive legs of the FEI Nations Cup series for both riders and audience.

Alongside the sports activities, different activity areas will be designed on the showground for the families attending. These areas will include a childrens fairground, a food market, a great exhibition area and a concert space. In other words, it is going to be a huge folk festival for the whole family with lots of atmosphere and visitors, that will help guarantee a world-class tournament – both in the equestrian sport, but also when it comes to the surroundings.


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One of the riders we are extremely excited to see during Equitour Aalborg is Severo!

Press play to hear about his expecatitions for his next big show:



The schedule for Equitour Aalborg show jumping is now approved by FEI. You can see them here:


Se propositioner for spring her


Equitour Aalborg, 1st-5th of June, will host many fun activities for both horse people, families and children. In order not to forget about the men, we will make sure there will be something interesting to look at for them too; we will have a big car exhibition, consisting of car dealer from across the country.


The participating car dealers are:

Audi Aalborg (Official Car Partner):

Audi Aalborg will in addition to delivering shuttle cars to the event, contribute with a great Audi exhibit with some of their newest models.

Krabbe Invest:

Krabbe Invest is an interesting dealer for Snedsted, mainly selling German high-quality cars with large exuipment packages.

Absolute Cars:

Absolute Cars is a relativeley new used car dealer, owned by the Schou brothers. The two brothers are both well known in the horse riding business, as they both compete at a high level of show jumping. Already after the first year, Absolute Cars had big success, and they will show some great cars during Equitour Aalborg. 

Brdr. Hosbond:

Brdr. Hosbond is North Jutland's leading Ford dealer, with departments in different North Jutland cities, like Aalborg. Brdr. Hosbond will mainly exhibit four-wheel drive models and the new and impressive Ford Mustang.

Stallion Show - See the new stallions to affect the breeding of 2017

Helgstrand Dressage houses some of the world's best stallions, and new youngsters are continuously added. 

On June 5th, we will host an exeptional stallion show in collaboration with Helgstrand dressage, and show both the new and old stallions.

The stallions are developing quickly, and they have already achieved great results at different performance tests, young horse championships and competitions.

Andreas Helgstrand will be commenting from the sideline - so if you're in doubt of which stallion to pick, or if you just wish to see the stallions to affect the future of horse breeding, you do not want to miss this opportunity! 

"We have high expectations for Equitour, and we wish to place Helgstrand Academy on the world map as melting pot for elite dressage and show jumping. The agenda is filled with entertainment for all ages - with the stallion show on June 5th, we hope to entice breeders from all over the world. This is going to be huge, and we are super excited!" says Andreas Helgstrand.

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