The second Nordic International Sales foal auction presented by Stutteri EVO has set new records with two foals sold for over 100,000 euros and a higher average price and higher turnover than last year.

Buyers form Canada, USA, Poland, Germany, Norway and Denmark invested in 19 foals which sold for 763,000 euros at an average price of 40,158 euros.

At last year’s Nordic International Sales the filly Foal Faretti, bred by Henrik Hansen, became the price highlight of the auction. This year Henrik had three foals in the auction, and two of them sold for over 100,000 euros.

The filly foal Fellini with the unique pedigree achieved a knock-down price of 115,000 euros. The filly by Franklin is out of the young mare Souvenir that is a daughter of the only two triple world champions for young horses in history, Sezuan og Fiontini.

The filly foal Faretti II by Franklin/Don Frederico, a fullsister of the price highlight from 2017, sold for 102,000 euros. Both of Henrik Hansen’s fillies sold locally to breeders in Jutland.

The most expensive colt foal, Brix Falcon by Franklin/Fürstenball sold for 80,000 euros to Polish buyers.

– We are very satisfied with the auction. The network behind the auction, led by Andreas Helgstrand, is very important for this immense success, says auctioneer Casper Cassøe.

The filly foal Faretti II by Franklin/Don Frederico, a fullsister of the price highlight from 2017, sold for 102,000 euros.

The filly foal Fellini with the unique pedigree achieved a knock-down price of 115,000 euros.

A challenging course put the riders under pressure in the Titan Containers A/S FEI Nations Cup, but an experienced German team with a talented debutant secured the victory at Equitour Aalborg.

The sun is literally roasting the beautiful showgrounds in Uggerhalne, Denmark setting the stage for Equitour Aalborg sponsored by ECCO and the Titan Containers A / S FEI Nations Cup CSIO3 * where the thrill was maintained through both rounds.

Riders from 13 nations (RSA, SWE, DEN, NED, GBR, BEL, FIN, NOR, ITA, GER, POL, FRA and IRL) met in the trilling and hair-raising FEI Nations Cup where the course proved to be very challenging for all teams. The German team consisted of three experienced riders and the Nations Cup debutant, Gerrit Nieberg riding Contagio. He proved himself with two spectacular clear rounds which was instrumental in ensuring German victory. Gilbert Böckmann / Pikeur Lord Fauntleroy (12-4), Thomas Kleis / Chades of Blue (0-8) and Lars Nieberg / Foster (8) achieved a total of 20 penalties.

"It was our goal to do well in the Nations Cup and now we have won, so I'm of course pleased," said German Chef d'Equipe Heinrich-Hermann Engemann. He noticed that it is not usual to win a Nations Cup with 20 penalties.

It was a good, but difficult course the Danish course designer Bo Bak Andersen had built in today's Nations Cup.  "It's a very nice facility here, and with some minor adjustments it can be very good," stressed the experienced German.

The home team chopped

The Danish team won the FEI Nations Cup at Equitour Aalborg last year, but the Danes were unfortunately not successful this year on home turf. As the first round evolved for the Danish crew it turned out that the last rider of the class, Irish Richaard Howley decided the Danes' further fate. Had he gotten 8 penalties Denmark would be among the eight best nations going in to second round. Unfortunately for the Danes, Howley just got four faults and it sent Ireland in the second round while the Danes could turn the horses back in the stable. On Sunday 50 riders will meet in the Stutteri Ask Grand Prix at Equitour Aalborg.

Daniel Bachmann supreme winner of the Grand Prix

A very consistingly performing Swedish team placed themselves in the lead after the CDIO4* Grand Prix presented by Almased on the first competition day of the Blue Hors FEI Nations Cup at Equitour Aalborg in Uggerhalne.

The four Swedish riders placed 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th individually in the Grand Prix presented by Almased which provisionally put them in the lead of the CDIO4* Blue Hors FEI Nations Cup with a total of 215.695 ahead of the Dutch team on second place with 209.675 and Denmark in third place having scored 209.543 points.

The Swedish team, presented by team coach Bo Jenå, consists of the four female riders Therese Nilshagen, Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, Paulinda Friberg and Jeanna Högberg. Best individual Swedish result was achieved by Therese Nilshagen aboard the breeding stallion Dante Weltino Old with a score of 73.087%. Today’s supreme individual winner of the Grand Prix presented by Almased was Danish Daniel Bachmann Andersen aboard the 10-year-old Blue Hors Zepter with a swopping score of 76.217% which is a personal score for the rider on this young horse which is by Daniel’s World Cup finalist, Blue Hors Zack.

Tomorrow Sunday the Blue Hors FEI Nations Cup will continue with the CDIO4* Grand Prix Special at 1:30 pm local time.

At the international show jumping and dressage show, Equitour Aalborg sponsored by ECCO a leg of the prestigious international team tournament, FEI Nations Cup is conducted in show jumping as well as dressage. The Danish teams are determined to repeat their success from last year winning the team competition in both disciplines

Last year the Danish riders were immodest enough to secure the victory in both of the international team competitions, FEI Nations Cup in dressage and show jumping. Again this year, prominent international profiles dominate the starting lists, and therefore the Danes need to target very focused on a top placing.

Show jumpers in great shape

The Danish show jumping riders compete in 2nd division, and they need to earn points at Equitour Aalborg in the Titan Containers CSIO3* FEI Nations Cup on Saturday afternoon 26 May. Denmark is in the same group as Norway, Poland, Finland and Luxemburg. From this group the two best nations qualify for the league finale in Budapest in August. The following nations take part in the Titan Containers FEI Nations Cup at Equitour: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, South Africa and Denmark.

Danish team trainer Bo K. Møller has expressed his satisfaction with the good shape the horses and riders displayed in the first classes Thursday. The Danish team consist of: Zascha Nygaard Andreasen, Martin Dinesen Neergaard, Thomas Sandgaard and Andreas Schou whilst Michael Aabo is 5th rider. The TV channel Eurosport will broadcast directly from this major event. The first part of the Nations Cup will be transmitted directly on Eurosport Player as from 16.00 pm whilst the second and final round will be livestreamed on Zibra Sport in Denmark and abroad, whilst the Danes must watch round two on Eurosport.

Blue Hors FEI Nations Cup in dressage

In 2013, the first FEI Nations Cup in dressage. This cup consists of seven competitions from May through August which have kicked off in Wellington, Florida in March and continues in Europe in Compiègne, Uggerhalne, Rotterdam, Falsterbo, Aachen and Hickstead. After the first to competitions Sweden has taken the lead ahead of Denmark. At Equitour Aalborg both Sweden and Denmark are competing, and also the current No. 3 in the cup, the Netherlands is represented by a strong team. Finland will be competing in FEI Nations Cup for the first time this year.

This year's Nordic International Sales Exclusive Foal Auction presented by Stutteri EVO is approaching and soon it's time to get an impression of the many amazing foals participating in the auction:

On Saturday, May 26 at 12.

We will showcase the 22 participating foals, that will take part in the auction on Saturday May 26 at 20.

With last year's success, the expectations for this year's Nordic International Sales are obviously very high. Together with Danish Warmblood Equitour Aalborg has set an exclusive collection of foals last year, resulting in an average price of no less than 34,525 euro. The most expensive foal of the auction, Faretti DWB by Franklin/Don Frederico was sold for nothing less than 150,000 euro.

Buy your own Faretti

At this year's foal auction you once again have the opportunity to buy an impressive foal by Franklin/Don Frederico and together with the other 21 foals, you will find an unusual collection of top dressage foals also this year.

See this year's unique foal collection here

The auction Nordic International Sales presented by Stutteri EVO will take place on Saturday, May 26th at 20 followed by a big after party in the Helgstrand Dressage VIP Lounge.

Faretti DWB by Franklin/Don Frederico, sold at the 2017 Nordic International Sales.

During the last couple of weeks, rhinopneumonia (also known as equine herpes virus) outbreaks have been identified in Denmark and abroad. The organisers behind Equitour Aalborg have been following the development carefully and in consultation with professionals it has been decided to carry out the international event in Uggerhalne as planned on 23-27 May. This is on the condition that the situation has been stabilised and no further large breakouts occur in Denmark.

– We are taking the situation very seriously. We have been consulting professionals and relevant veterinarians both nationally and internationally. After thorough consideration, we have therefore decided to carry out the event as planned, tells Jens Trabjerg from Equitour Aalborg. The event will take place at the impressive show ground at Helgstrand Academy with the international sales and training centre and stallion station Helgstrand Dressage as its closest neighbour. In the beginning of May, Helgstrand Dressage chose to take its precautions and limit the access to the entire area.

– It is important to understand that at Helgstrand Dressage and Helgstrand Academy we have not seen any signs of the virus. We are not willing to take a risk and that is why we have chosen to take these precautions to protect our horses, says Andreas Helgstrand.

More precautions

The organisers have started implementing more precautions which means that the event will be held under the same conditions and with the known risks related to housing horses from different environments.

– We follow the recommendations from national and international veterinarians and this means that all participants need to sign a sworn statement confirming that their horses have not had the fever the last ten days before arrival to the showgrounds. Furthermore, the entire stable as well as the temporary show stable will be washed down with a special disinfection product that will kill any virus that may be present, Jens Trabjerg concludes.

What we know about rhinopneumonia

Rhinopneumonia is a disease which has existed for many years both in a form called type 1 and a form called type 4. Most horses have the virus in their body and in certain cases virus can be re-activated and make the horse excrete infection or become ill. Therefore, rhinopneumonia cannot be eliminated and from time to time, individual horses will become spontaneously ill from the virus. Rhinopneumonia 1 causes fever, respiratory disorders, paralysis and sometimes abortion among pregnant mares. The illness usually starts as a respiratory disorder with fever and coughing. After approximately two weeks, paralysis might befall. Rhinopneumonia 1 primarily transmits as a droplet infection from the respiratory passages both through direct contact between horses and by indirect contact via clothing, shoes, trailer, food and horse tack etc. Infection can occur through other body fluids as well.

Once again, Equitour Aalborg sponsored by ECCO will be hosting FEI Nations Cup in both dressage and show jumping in combination with exciting auctions, stallion show and much more.

You will certainly have the possibility to be entertained in North Jutland when the international show Equitour Aalborg sponsored by ECCO will be held in Uggerhalne on 23-27 May. Youth meets experience in international competitions in both dressage and show jumping at the impressive competition venue at Helgstrand Academy.

The organisers are Olympic rider Andreas Helgstrand and the experienced event organiser Jens Trabjerg who has organised international shows on Danish soil since the late 90's at different locations.

FEI Nations Cup in show jumping as well as dressage will be the highlight of the international competitions. Last year, the Danes were triumphant in the Nations Cup with victories in both show jumping and dressage which was obviously very popular with the home crowd.

Auctions of foals and cars

Do you have a big passion for fast and special cars? Then you should visit Campen Auktion’s exclusive special auction, held during Equitour Aalborg on Friday 25 May.

The Nordic International Sales is a foal auction which was a great success last year, and the prices reflected the exclusive collection of dressage foals which was created in a collaboration between Equitour and Danish Warmblood. The winning bid placed on the filly foal Faretti by Franklin/Don Frederico (bred by HH Horses) reached nothing less than 150,000 euros.

Helgstrand Dressage stallion show

On Sunday 27 May, the Helgstrand Dressage stallion station will present some of their outstanding breeding stallions under rider. In a matter of only 10 years, Andreas Helgstrand has cemented his name as owner of one of Europe's most significant and influential stallion stations, standing stallions that are used by breeders all over the world. Besides distributing their semen internationally, the stallions are also trained to compete in dressage and several of them have achieved impressive results in young horse championships and some are close to a breakthrough on the international dressage scene.

Almased Dressage Amateurs

Almased Dressage Amateurs is a new international dressage tournament for amateurs organised by Helgstrand & Trabjerg and presented by Almased Wellness.

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