Longines EEF Series Uggerhalne from 10-13 June 2021 -See Longines Timing and results here

After a super exciting day yesterday with the Longines EEF Series Nations Cup, we started the first class at 11.30 this Saturday.

The first class is running and it is the Krafft Small Tour! 

Next up at 13.30 is the Hay Hay Haylage Medium tour and in the afternoon at 16.30 we have the Helgstrand GP Qualifier.

Follow all classes on the livestream here from ZibraSport Equest. 

We look forward to a new day with great sport.

Picture: Winning team, Denmark (From left, Andreas Schou, Emil Hallundbæk, Bo K. Møller, Zascha Nygaard Andreasen and Konstantin Deeken Künnemann. 

The second round of the nations cup was incredibly exciting as it looked like Belgium would take the win, if only the last rider, Constant van Paesschen made a clear round. However, with a super round, he ended with the last fence down, and a jump-off was on between Denmark, Belgium and Great Britain! 

Great Britain took off with an incredibly fast clear round, however Zascha Nygaard Andreasen managed to beat the time with approximately 2 seconds and this result was Thibeau Spits not able to beat and Denmark was announced the winner of the Nations Cup! 

On the Danish Team was 

Zascha Nygaard Andreasen

Konstantin Deeken Künnemann

Andreas Schou

Emil Hallundbæk


The second place was Belgium:

Thibeau Spits

Constant van Paesschen

Emilie Conter

Arnaud Doem


The third place went to Great Britain: 

Amy Inglis

Joseph Stockdale

Jackson Reed Stephenson

Lily Attwood


Congratulations to all riders and nations! 

Watch the full result list here!



Picture: Konstantin Deeken Künneman, who was the 2nd rider on the Danish team.


All the nations have been trough the first round of the Nations Cup this afternoon at Equitour!

The preliminary standings before the second round looks the following way: 

In the lead is Denmark and Belgium with 4 penalties.

Following these two countries with only 4 penalties, we find The Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain,  Lithuania, Poland and Japan with 8 penalties!

We look forward to second round at 16.30!


Constant van Paesschen from Belgium

Soon the Longines EEF Series Uggerhalne Nationscup will start! 
Which two nations of the North will go to the final leg in Warsaw?
You can watch the entire competition LIVE with Zibrasport Equest by following this link: https://zibrasportequest.com/.../equitour-springning.../
Find the LIVE RESULTS with Longines Timing by following this link: https://www.longinestiming.com/.../longines-eef-nations...

Picture: Winner of the CEGO Medium Tour, Jackson Reed Stephenson. 

The first class of the day this lovely Friday morning was the CEGO Medium Tour against the clock. 

Once again, British Jackson Reed Stephenson was completely sovereign and raced into the 1st place with the 9-year-old Cornet Obolensky daughter Muna vd Bisschop. 

On the second place, very close to Jackson's time came Matas Petraitis from Lithuania with the 9-year-old Heinekin.

Third place went to Britain again - Amy Inglis is also on a role and she and 8-year-old Applause by Je T'aime Flamenco took the third place. 

Next up is the Nations Cup that starts at 2 o'clock. 

Follow the results live by clicking this link!

If you want to watch the Nations Cup live, you can find it on the ZibraSport Equest - click here.

Picture: Winner of the Helgstrand Big Tour, Lily Atwood.

This evening the riders were competing in the Helgstrand Big Tour against the clock – with an action-filled evening the competition for the victory was tough.

With a quick and clear round, it ended with a British victory. Lily Atwood and the 11-year-old Cor-Leon vd Vlierbeek Z by Calvaro Z raced into the 1st placed, followed by Thibeau Spits from Belgium on the 13-year-old Isolde vd Heffinck by Contact van de Heffinck. British Jospeh Stockdale and 11-year-old Equine America Kandleford by Kannan.

We are more than ready for tomorrow where we excitingly will watch the Nations Cup!

Follow the results live here and if you are interested in watching the livestreaming from ZibraSport Equest, you can find it here.

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